Search Engine Optimization – Targeting the right keywords for your turnkey adult website

One of the biggest mistakes many new turnkey adult website owners make is not targeting any keywords or targeting the wrong keywords. In this post, we’ll look at what keywords are and how to select the right keywords to target.

What are keywords?

When a user conducts a search through a search engine, they use words or phrases to find what they are looking for. These words or phrases are what we consider keywords. For example, a user might type in “lingerie” or “sexy lingerie” when conducting their search for lingerie. The keywords here are either “lingerie” or “sexy lingerie”. Notice that a keyword can consist of more than one word so from our previous example, “sexy lingerie” is actually considered a single keyword. By targeting a keyword, you are putting your efforts into having a search engine return your website as a relevant search result for a given keyword. Selecting the right keyword(s) to target is paramount in building a successful online business.

Why is it important to target keywords?

When a search engine indexes your website, it scans your pages (among other things) for keywords in an effort to determine the topic of your website/pages. Without a strong focus on any keywords, you leave it to the search engine to decide what information on your pages is important and what isn’t. That’s why it’s so important to influence the outcome of this decision by “helping” the search engine find and pick the right keywords that describe your content. And by doing so, your turnkey adult website has a better chance of being returned as a relevant search result for the targeted keyword than one that hasn’t put in the same effort.

Before you go ahead and start stuffing your pages with keywords, it’s important to understand that you cannot rank high for every single keyword that you select. The web is huge and there are millions of sites competing for the same keywords which can make it very difficult to rank high for competitive keywords. Instead, you should focus your efforts on targeting a few keywords that are less competitive but still provide a decent amount of traffic. Not only will this make your efforts feasible, you’ll get to see results a lot quicker.

Selecting the right keywords

Okay, so you’re ready to get going but how do you select the right keywords to target for your turnkey adult website? This is going to require some research on your end to determine and there are tools and services available to help you make this decision. You can use tools like the Google Keyword Tool to determine exactly how many people actually search for a given keyword per month to find out if it’s worth targeting. The important thing to remember here is that it’s better to target a niche keyword that has fewer searches per month (but still enough to sustain a profitable business) than a keyword that has a lot of searches per month and way too much competition. The exact number of searches per month that is acceptable is something that you’ll have to determine for yourself but generally any keyword that has anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand searches per month is an ideal target. Why? Because there is less competition for these keywords and your chances of obtaining a first page ranking is much more likely than it would be for a keyword with heavy competition. Plus, a few hundred to a few thousand interested buyers to your website per month is still very appealing!

I’m going to run through an example of selecting a keyword in this post so I’ll be using our lingerie shop as a visual aid to picking out a keyword worth targeting. The obvious keywords here would be “lingerie” or “sexy lingerie” but if we look at the level of competition for these keywords it quickly becomes apparent that this would be a futile effort for a small start-up or part-time business. Instead, we need to focus on something with less competition and something that we can achieve in a much shorter period of time and with a smaller budget. So lets try a different keyword that is more specific or targeted to a niche market. We’ll begin with Google’s Keyword Tool and enter a few keywords that come to mind. The best part about this tool is that it’ll provide us with related search terms so that we can get some ideas of what people are searching for.

  1. Go to the Google Keyword Tool
  2. Under “Descriptive words or phrases” we’ll be adding some keywords that I’ve come up with that describe our lingerie business. I’ll be using the keywords “sexy lingerie”, “erotic lingerie”, “romantic lingerie” and “sexy adult lingerie”. Be sure to enter only one keyword/phrase per line and make sure the appropriate region that you wish to target is selected. If you’re targeting everyone, leave the region setting as-is, Google’s tool will provide global keyword results in addition to that of your selected region. Now, click on “Get keyword ideas” to have Google’s tool generate a list of related keywords along with their monthly search volume.

    Google Keyword Tool

    Google Keyword Tool

  3. Analyze the list of keywords returned by Google’s keyword tool. Remember, keywords with a large monthly search volume will be accompanied by fierce competition. We want to find something that still has a valuable monthly search volume for our turnkey adult website but at the same time doesn’t carry a high level of competition. When selecting a keyword, I usually target something that has 10,000 or less searches per month. I normally prefer something between 1000-10000 searches per month because getting to the top for such a keyword can prove to be much more easier and rewarding.

    Lets have a look at our results. It looks like I lucked out, two out of four of my keywords have a reasonable monthly search volume both locally and globally. Forget about “sexy lingerie” and “erotic lingerie”, based on the monthly search volume of those keywords it looks like there’s going to be way too much competition. I’m also not liking any of the other suggestions provided by Google’s tool so I’m going to pass up on those (but be sure to have a look at those when you’re conducting your own searches). So far, “romantic lingerie” and “sexy adult lingerie” look like the clear winners. I’m leaning towards “sexy adult lingerie” but lets hold off on making that decision right now as we still have a little research to do.

    Google Keyword Tool

    Google Keyword Tool

  4. The next thing we want to do is enter our selected keywords into Google so that we can analyze the results that are returned. We do this to ensure that our keyword is returning the results that we’re expecting (i.e. other lingerie shops or competing businesses). If it isn’t, then it’s likely that we haven’t selected a good keyword to target.

    Lets enter both of our keywords into Google separately. Remember, when entering the keyword into Google you should enclose it with quotation marks to tell Google that we’re looking for that exact term. If we don’t enclose our keyword in quotes, Google will treat each word in our keyword as a separate keyword which may skew our results.

    Searching for an exact match in Google

    Searching for an exact match in Google

    This will also give us an idea of how many results are returned for our keyword. While this doesn’t mean that each of the websites returned is a competitor, it does show the number of results that we’ll have to overcome.

    Google results for exact match search

    Google results for exact match search

    After conducting a search for both of my keywords on Google, I’m happy with the results that I’m seeing. Both keywords are returning results for competing lingerie businesses. I’ve decided to go ahead with the keyword “sexy adult lingerie” for the purposes of this tutorial. In reality, you might decide to target both keywords or do additional research to make your final decision.

  5. The next thing we want to determine is the direct competition for our selected keyword. What I mean by this is businesses considered to be actively targeting our keyword. Remember, this isn’t an exact science and others may have different views or ways of measuring direct competition so feel free to use whatever techniques you feel comfortable with. We’ll consider a website that has our keyword (verbatim) within the title tag, as an anchor (hyperlink) and somewhere within their page to be a direct competitor for the keyword. We can determine this by using Google search operators with our keyword. Enter the following line into Google for our selected keyword to determine how much direct competition we have:

    intext:”sexy adult lingerie” inanchor:”sexy adult lingerie” intitle:”sexy adult lingerie”

    From our results, we can see we have a total of 6 direct competitors for our keyword based on our definition of a direct competitor. This is excellent and I’m happy with the results. I’ve made the final decision to use “sexy adult lingerie” as the keyword that I plan to actively target.

From here you’ll need to select a page to which you wish to link this keyword. What I mean by this is determining which page of our website we want a visitor to be sent to when they search for our selected keyword. If you’re just starting out, this should almost always be your homepage. You’ll want to begin using your keyword in a variety of ways on your homepage and use your keyword in the form of anchor links on other pages of your website which link back to your homepage. You’ll also want to try getting links to your homepage from external websites using your keyword (backlinks). For more information on backlinks, you should view our tutorial on creating backlinks for your turnkey adult website.

Be aware that simply loading your pages with this keyword repetitively isn’t going to get you the results that you want. You need to use the keyword legitimately where applicable without it looking like keyword spam. Start off by putting the keyword in the title and meta tags of your homepage. Place it in a few location on your homepage as well and try linking back to your homepage using your keyword from other pages contained within your website. After that, start your work on creating backlinks. Most importantly, be patient because SEO is a slow process which takes time. If you create too many backlinks in too short a period of time, you’ll likely end up getting penalized for it by the major search engines. If done correctly, you can expect to see some results for your turnkey adult website within the first 3-4 months.

Note: This post is specific to Google but much of your efforts here will effect all other major search engines.

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