Dropship Sex Toys and Lingerie
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Dropship Sex Toys & Lingerie Combo

Type:Dropship Business
Setup:$199.00 (one-time setup fee)
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Note: You will be redirected to TurnkeyBusinessDepot to complete your purchase. AdultTurnkeyDepot is a division of TurnkeyBusinessDepot. All core non-adult services are purchased through TurnkeyBusinessDepot. Adult services are provided free of charge through AdultTurnkeyDepot with any purchase. The fees that you see listed on this page are exactly what you'll pay. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Get more information about why our packages are sold this way and how our services are delivered.

What's Included

  • A domain name of your choice
  • Preloaded e-commerce website
  • Integrated, full-featured shopping cart
  • PayPal and AlertPay compatible
  • Fully managed hosting, software & security
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Intuitive admin control panel
  • Integrated admin user manual
  • Beautiful, professionally designed themes
  • Fully customizable themes
  • Account with a reputable dropshipper
  • 100% automated data updates
  • Speedy technical support
  • NO contracts, commitments or hidden fees
  • NO merchant account required


This sex toy and lingerie business is ideal for anyone looking to start an adult business without a significant investment. We've based this business on the dropshipping business model and combined it with our turnkey technology to help you keep your operating costs low. You'll be able to own and operate a retail internet business without having to purchase any stock, ship any orders or manage the technical operation of your website. Our turnkey services let you rest easy by knowing that your technology requirements are fully managed and looked after 24/7 by industry professionals.

Included with this package is a fully functional and customizable e-commerce website which is preloaded with products from a reputable sex toy and lingerie dropshipper. Simply notify the dropshipper when you receive an order and they'll package and ship the items directly to your customer. You only pay the wholesale price for the products in the order and keep the difference between the retail and wholesale cost. You never have to keep any stock or ship any items-it's that simple!

Our dropship businesses are all turnkey-based. Not only will you receive a website that's ready to accept payments but we'll also manage crucial services that will help you reduce your day-to-day operating requirements. With our automated data updates, new products will be added to your website and your existing items will be kept up-to-date on a daily basis. You'll never have to worry about adding new items yourself or managing the dropshipper's inventory! And it doesn't stop there; we'll also manage your web hosting, software and security so that you can focus your efforts on actually running your business without having to get caught up in the technical details.

You can visit our page on how dropshipping works to learn more about this business model.

Search Engine Optimized

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an integral role in the performance of your business. Directing visitors to your website in the masses will require the help of search engines which is why it's important to provide them with the information they need. If a search engine has difficulty crawling your website, it won't be too willing to recommend it to its visitors. For this very reason, we've put SEO at the top of our priority list when developing our turnkey businesses. Join the only adult turnkey business provider that truly understands SEO and take control of your business.

Listed below are some of the key SEO features included with our turnkey websites:

  • Standards complaint code validated against W3C specs
  • Lightening fast loading pages
  • Lightweight HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Optimized images and graphics
  • Canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content
  • Descriptive URLs loaded with keywords
  • Customizable meta data and page body
  • Auto-generated meta data when custom data isn't specified
  • Proper use of 301 redirects where required
  • Gracefully degrading Javascript for maximum content visibility
  • Full control over your theme, product data, images and content allowing you to target specific keywords on any individual page

Social Networks

The impact of the social revolution needs no mention; it's an absolute must for any business in any industry. This is precisely why we have built-in support for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus with options for additional networks. Your website will effortlessly connect with your social media accounts in just a few simple clicks. No fumbling with complicated code, simply enter your account IDs or URLs through our graphical admin panel and you're all set!

Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest

Each and every page of your website will link to your social networks-helping your customers stay connected with you while at the same time providing new promotional opportunities. Extend your marketing reach through visitors who have the ability to recommend individual products or pages to their friends directly from your website. No other turnkey solution comes even close!

Fully-Managed Turnkey Solution

When you purchase one of our turnkey business packages you're not just buying a website. We'll provide you with a top-tier service that's packaged to include everything that you need to keep your website up and running. Our services are dedicated to managing your day-to-day technical requirements to ensure that your shop is always open for business. Aside from a feature-packed e-commerce website with an intuitive admin control panel, you'll receive fully managed web hosting, automated daily data updates and backups, software patches and managed security. You'll also have access to our speedy and knowledgeable technical support team to help you quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Getting Paid

Our dropship businesses are compatible with Paypal and Alertpay payment solutions. We'll integrate your existing Paypal or Alertpay account with your website so that you can receive funds instantly when a customer places an order. If you'd like to integrate your shop with a payment gateway of your choice, please contact us for an estimate before you purchase this package.

Compatible with Paypal & AlertPay

No Contracts, Commitments or Hidden Fees

We're so confident that you'll love our service that there's simply no need to tie you into any contracts or lengthy commitments. You'll be billed based on the plan that you've chosen and you're free to cancel at anytime with no questions asked. There are absolutely no hidden fees; the prices that you see on this page are exactly what you'll pay. Our charges (as specified on this page) include a small one-time setup fee to help you get up and running and a monthly upkeep fee which includes maintenance and management of your software, web hosting, data updates, daily backups, security and support.

Demos, Questions or Concerns

If you would like to view a demo of this website or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable support staff will be happy to help.